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    The Velodees Vision


    Velodees is not a club, but a women only cycle group based in Aberdeen. We aim to inspire more women to cycle more often. We offer a meeting point for cycling women in the Aberdeen/Deeside area to socialise and arrange rides at their own pace with other like-minded female cyclists. We also organise coaching to develop skills and confidence which we hope will help to increase women’s participation in local cycling clubs.


    Help us get more women on their bikes - take our survey HERE

  • Wednesday Sessions

    Focused skills and fitness sessions

    Wednesday 6.30pm Peterculter


    Come join our weekly training sessions. Open to all. Meet point HERE at Peterculter bus stop opposite Spar shop, Wednesdays, rolling out at 6.30pm sharp. Ride followed inevitably by cakes.

    As the nights are still dark, it is important that you bring high vis clothing and bright lights.


    Keep up to date with the ride plans on the Facebook page (Velodees  Aberdeen).

  • Upcoming events

    Come along and join us

    Weekend Cycles 


  • Kit

    Velodees cycling group custom jerseys (road or MTB)

    Current orders are closed - keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates or contact us by email to register interest

    Short Sleeve (approx £41) and Long Sleeve (approx £43)

    Size Chart here (road) 

    Size Chart here (MTB/freestyle)

    Email orders to velodees@gmail.com

    Funds can be sent via Paypal to velodees@gmail.com or by bank transfer (contact us to for bank details)

  • Other rides

    Our friendly members are always keen to ride throughout the week - join us on the Facebook group to hear what's going on.

    Sunday rides

    There's always someone up for a Sunday ride. Join us on our Facebook group to see what the chat is for this weekend. If there isn't a ride that suits you - post up a ride on the Facebook page, there will always be someone up for chumming you along.



    Sportives / Events

    Our Velodees have taken part in the Etape Loch Ness, Etape Caledonia, Stonehaven Midsummer Beer Sportive, Etape Royale, Tour of Flanders, Ride 100, Three Pistes, Tour of the Highlands,  10 under Ben (MTB) and Strathpuffer (MTB) and more!

    Join us next year for more fun and adventures on bikes! 

    Mountain biking

    For those that like it dirty! The Velodees have a certain contingent that like it that way! Hear the plans on our Facebook group.


    Our Velodees have taken on the 200km Rothes Recce Audax - reports are that it was brutal and <quote> "My arse was like mince after".


    Weekday rides

    For those at leisure during the week - meet our members for a chat and a cake. Kids, partners and other hangers on welcome.


    Cycling means carbs. And carbs mean beer. Ride hard, party hard, repeat.


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    Give us your chat.  Tell us your story.  Join us.  

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  • Featured members

    Meet us

    Trish A

    How long you've been cycling for?

    I bought my first real bike with money I should have spent on rent in 1995, and my road bike was my engagement ring back in 2002. I've turned into a bit of a mountain biker since I got a full-suspension bike for my tenth wedding anniversary and I just got a cross bike for my 40th birthday (there's a theme here).


    Goals for 2017?

    I'm in the process of becoming a MTB level 2 guide which is by far the scariest thing I've ever done. I've done the training weekend in March (which was very testosterone-heavy) and will go for assessment later in the year so I'll be asking for Velodees to ride with in the run-up to that to help me fill in my log book.


    Best cycling achievement?

    I think the best thing was the women's cyclocross race I did in January as it was a hugely positive experience and really got me excited about women's cycling. As I'm a mum with primary school aged kids, I don't really have time to ride long distances so I'm loving branching out into cross and MTB and developing my skills.


    What you like most about cycling?

    I just really love bikes, I like being outdoors and the feeling of freedom it gives me. I'm not super fast or skilled but I like to think I can mitigate that with tons of enthusiasm.


    Worst thing about cycling?

    I really don't like crashing - which I know isn't ideal for mountain biking. I had a concussion last year when I went over the handlebars due to a lapse of concentration and it really shook my confidence. I'm really not a fan of some of the traditional sexism that creeps in to this sport either.


    Why you enjoy velodees?

    I love talking about bikes, riding bikes, and pushing myself to improve (but not really into competing against others) and Velodees has been a group of kindred spirits. It's really increased my confidence because it's such a supportive environment. I love the Facebook chat and instant riding buddies - it's great that I can post asking if anyone wants to ride and people say yes.


    Cycling stuff you do outside velodees?

    My two boys are 8 and 10 and love mountain biking (my husband's also bike obsessed) so we ride as a family all the time. We've three weeks of biking holidays in the UK planned for the spring and summer.


    I'm also involved in the Deeside Thistle youth club. The reason I'm training to be a MTB guide is so that we can have a girls mountain bike group (ages 10-14 ish) with a chilled out and supportive environment. There's a real lack of opportunity for girls to ride with their peers at the moment like we all enjoy - they would so benefit from a junior version of us!


    Favourite post cycling cake?

    Banana loaf, or gingerbread loaf, or coffee cake! As long as there's good coffee I'm happy.

    Caroline (Cazza)

    How long you've been cycling for?

    I've always cycled as a means for getting around since being a student in a cycle dominated city! As I've moved progressively north, it's become a longer and hillier commute but I've just kept pedalling……


    Goals for 2017?
    I did my first cycle events in 2016 so this year is a step up from those: I'm slow, so don't have time aims but am upping the distance for both cycle events and triathlons this season as well as repeating my favourites from the past. First on the list is Etape Loch Ness, which I really enjoyed last year, and then I'll be tackling The Etape Eryri (100 mile version), Ride London and the Ride the North. In between I will be attempting the Montrose sprint triathlon, Long Hard Durty Aviemore Tri and repeating the Craggy Island Tri if I can get a place! I'd also really like to own my first road bike, but suspect that is a 2018 goal really!


    Best cycling achievement? Longest ever cycle?
    Most amazing ride was from Barra to the Butt, self sufficient. My longest ride in a day the Etape Royale.


    What you like most about cycling? Best experience on the bike?
    I love getting out and enjoying the countryside under my own steam, I especially like carrying a tent, stove and everything I need to be self sufficient for a multi day trip. It never ceases to amaze me how far I can get in a day on a bike.

    Worst thing about cycling? Or your worst experience on the bike?
    Being consistently left behind, and being too large for women's cycle kit.


    Why you enjoy velodees?
    Friendly ladies who share my love of my bike, some of whom are willing to ride as slow as I do!


    Cycling stuff you do outside velodees?
    Commuting, zooming around town on my bike to meetings, cycling with my toddlers, either on their own bikes, on the tag along or with them in a trailer. A long touring trip with a pal most years. UK national cycle routes. Involvement in the bicycle user group at work, mountain biking, I'll give pretty much anything a go on a bike….


    Favourite post cycling cake?

    Anything with lots of icing!


    Sarah Hughes (SaHu)

    How long you've been cycling for?

    I've ridden a bike for years, to and from work or around town. In 2006 I bought a touring bike and I also got my first proper road bike.  In the same year, I hatched a plan to cycle from Lands End to John O'Groats one day.
    Goals for 2017?

    My goals for 2017 are to ride longer and higher than 2016. So a trip to the Alps is pencilled in and also a long ride 250km or more. I'm thinking of Aberdeen to Edinburgh (and back again?) -watch this space.
    Best cycling achievement? Longest ever cycle?

    So 2016 was a big year for me! 

    Having previously never ridden further than 120km, I decided to tackle distance and managed 4 100mile (160km) rides and one 200km Audax in 2016.

    My dream to ride Lands End to John O'Groats also came true! Using touring bikes we tackled the 1780km (1106 miles) distance over 16 days. I had previously done some multi day tours in the flatlands of Europe, but this ride was a big step-up.

    And I also climbed higher than I had ever imagined I could. We went to Gran Canaria and ride up to the summit of Pico de las Nieves. Because we started at sea level and ended up at 1950m, this is one of the biggest road climbs you can do in Europe. 
    What you like most about cycling?

    I just love being outside, seeing countryside and wildlife, and every time I look at the route travelled I marvel at how far away from home you can get just by pedal power. I still get a little thrill when a cafe owner asks where have you come from and looks amazed when you tell them (keep up this game, cafe owners - we love it!) 
    Best experience on the bike?
    It's hard to say, I just keep thinking of my last ride - which was very short and not particularly hard but still enormous fun, trail riding in the dark with a fabulous bunch of Velodees. 
    Worst thing about cycling? 
    I've been knocked off my bike by someone opening a car door. I wasn't badly hurt but bad enough. That was pretty grim and it took a long time to get my confidence back.
    Why you enjoy velodees?
    For the laughter. It's such a joy to be riding along and hear chat and laughter. And to be able to share and support other riders to do things for the first time... first sportive, first century ride, first time on a mountain bike.
    Cycling stuff you do outside velodees?
    I ride a lot with my partner Iain and his friends. We enjoy riding together but I know I hold him back because he is a stronger and faster than me. Velodees has helped me find people who ride at my speed.
    Favourite post cycling cake?
    Carrot cake every time. But for a particular place it's got to be The Potting Shed Tearoom at Inshriach Nursery. A whole fridge full of cake to pick and the chance to watch red squirrels on the bird feeders.
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    Natalie (Birthday Girl) Roughly this time last year I'd been back on my bike for about 4 months since having a baby. I'd done the etape Loch Ness with the aim of getting fit again, had loved it and decided to do the Stonehaven beer sportive in the June. Once over the cairn was enough for me, on...
  • FAQ

    Any more questions - say hi at velodees@gmail.com

    Do I need to become a member to join in the fun?

    No! We are a group of like minded ladies and not a club. There is no membership or fees. Come along once or twice or for the rest of your days, if you prefer. We just want to see you out on your bike.


    Do you take absolute beginners?

    You will require to be confident to ride on the open roads. If you are an absolute beginner you will first need to build up some basic fitness and an ability to ride for up to an hour at a speed of ~10mph. Once you can manage that you are ready to take the next steps with us.


    Do I need a road bike?

    It’s not essential, but it defines the type of riding we do and the pace we ride at. Our main focus at the moment is road cycling but lots of us also like riding MTB or CX, so if you would like to do more of this, get involved and help us develop that.


    Do I need to have the Velodees Jersey?

    No! You don't need our jersey to ride with us and you don't need to be riding with us to wear the jersey. We just think it looks spectacular.


    How fast and how far do you ride?

    We are a mixed ability group - we don’t all want to ride at the same pace or the same distance. We are planning a range of rides at varying distances and paces. However, if the rides some people post look too fast for you, the solution is to post some slower ones! We encourage all members of the page to get involved and arrange rides – you pick the distance and the pace that suits you – and we will do our best to make sure you get some great women to keep you company.

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    We are a cycling group and not a Club. Please find below details of clubs in the local area where you can continue your cycling journey

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